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With a masters degree in counseling, Cecile became an expert geneologist over the past 12 years as she travelled across America, Canada and the ancient English and Irish countryside, leaving no stone unturned to understand her own background, culminating in her first novel, Lullabies From Liberty Street. The fruit of her arduous undertaking was not just a page-turner of an autobiography, finding a sister she never knew she had, but developing her expertise in -and a passion for- genealogical research and investigation. In recent years Cecile has helped numerous people discover their family tree and history. Cecile can help you, too, discover your past and reunite you with the family you never knew you had. And, yes, she is afffordable.

If you are interested in buying one of her books or reading an  excerpt from Cecile's autobiography, "Lullabies From Liberty Street" or her non-fiction work "Portable Housing -Why Now", an examination of the history and future of portable alternative homes, please click those links, or go directly to our store to purchase.

If you have questions about Cecile's books or about her genealogy services, please click the "Contact Me"  button.